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Alaska Airlines: A Visual Celebration
A Coffee Table Pictorial Book
by Cliff & Nancy Hollenbeck

  Freelance Photographers Handbook  

An incredible visual celebration of Alaska Airlines. This coffee-table pictorial book provides a glimpse of the airline's rugged 20 ancestors, variety of aircraft, colorful printed materials, unusual memorabilia and inspiring people. Cliff and Nancy have shown the airline from the humble beginning as McGee Airways in 1932, a one plane airline in the Territory of Alaska, through more than 80 years of adventures, mergers, acquisitions and purchases as it became one of today's most successful, vibrant and respected airlines in the world. They have showcased images of dog sled teams collecting cargo, to a recent dramatic winter takeoff from the runway at Red Dog Mine in northwestern Alaska.

The book pays respect to the amazing people who have helped form today’s modern Alaska Airlines, from the cover photo of their current Boeing 737-800 with its Eskimo face soaring above Hawaii, to their very first Stinson aircraft in 1930s featured on the back cover. This is the story of Alaska Airlines told through a collection of fascinating images and remarkable memories.

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