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(Dreams of Love)
Music CD By Cliff Hollenbeck
Featuring Thomas Marriott


  Sogni di Amore is a soft and sensual Italian instrumental operetta, composed by Cliff Hollenbeck, in which a trumpet plays the voices.

The beautiful and melancholy music tells the story of a young man in Valpolicella, Northern Italy, who is visited by an angel soprano. She sings, in trumpet voice, her "Dreams of Love" arias from the night sky, until fading with the dawn's light. Featured artist Thomas Marriott is one of the most exciting young trumpeters to emerge in the New York jazz scene. He displays an amazing ability to play soft and dreamy one moment, only to soar with a huge burst of range and power the next. His mellow and pure sound is the perfect voice for these pensive arias. Composer song writer Cliff Hollenbeck plays a soft following piano throughout his beautiful operetta. His compositions show a wonderful appreciation and understanding of Italian arias. The Jerry Frank Symphony, noted for their musical backgrounds in television, radio and commercial film productions, provides a stunning accompaniment for this moving music

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